We have been doing quite a few of the AMG Mercedes range recently, including the A45, CLS, C63, E63 etc. It’s not particularly uncommon for us to see darker colours especially a couple years old and not cared for well from previous owners covered in holograms, swirls, marring, haze and other imperfections.

This Black C63 as you can see was a good example of that. The car required a full paint correction (3 stage) to remove these paint imperfections and return it back to its former glory when it was first purchased.

We used a combination of machines due to the contoured panels on the C63. This included our DAS6-Pro, RUPES LHR75, RUPES LHR15 and our trust Festool Shinex RAP150 Rotary Machine in combination with RUPES, Menzerna and Festool Pads.

The German car seemed appropriately suited to the German Nanotechnology Nanolex Ultra Paint & Alloy Sealant.

■ Full Paint Correction
■ Interior Cleanse inc Leather & Protection
■ Wheel Protection with Gyeon RIM
■ Glass Sealant with Nanolex Glass Sealant
■ Paint Protection with Nanolex Paint Protection

As a few people have asked and regularly do what was the ‘process’;

The process (basic form);
1. Snow Foam car with Mint APC – this removes all remnants of product on the vehicle
2. Clay barring to remove all contaminants with a quality lubricant
3. Using a De-Ironiser to remove any carbon/brake/rail dust fall out that may be over the paint.
4. Cleaning the wheels with a strong cleaner including a de-ironiser to remove all grime, brake dust and dirt etc.
5. Rinse & Dry
6. Tape up all rubbers, sharp edges including some badge areas to avoid any polish whitening and damage to the foam pads during the polishing process
7. Machine correction – approx 2 and a half days of correction was done on this vehicle
8. Remove all polish from the paint during the process of course
9. Using Paint Cleanser to remove any leftover polishing oils or residue before sealant application (very important for these 'paint protection' type coatings as they will not bond correctly otherwise!)
10. Application of Nanolex Nanotechnology based Paint Protection Sealant / or for some using a Polymer Sealant or Carnauba Wax – some waxes require a pre-wax cleaner, some sealants require a cleanser also.
11. Curing with IR (Infrared) Lights – in short this cures the product on the paint work within an hour vs having to wait 24-48 hours and ensures that if wet no water spotting can happen.

For Maintenance, the customer is only required to use a pH Neutral Wash Shampoo, a soft Microfibre Drying Towel or Microfibre Waffle Weave Drying Towel , a Microfibre or Lambswool Wash Mitt in combination with the 2BM (2 Bucket Method; 1 for rinsing, 1 for your shampoo). He can use a quick detailer if he wishes but the washing routine is the key to ensure the coating does last.

Products used;

Wheels: Autoglym Acid Wheel Cleaner (not recommended for all wheels, very strong and can damage – beware!), Wheel Woollies.

Interior: Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Cleaner + Mint Leather Brush, 1Z Einszett Leather Cream – Sealed with Nanolex Leather & Textile Pro. Dash & Trim was treated with 1Z Cockpit Premium - Cockpit will leave all interior trim with a complete matte free finish and is not greasy and contains antistatic properties.

Contamination & Preparation; Mint Snow Foam + Mint APC to remove product on vehicle, Dodo Juice Fine Grade Clay Bar + Dodo Juice Born Slippy Lubricant, Mint Cleanse Paint Cleaner for preparation for the sealant.

Paint Protection; Nanolex Ultra Paint Protection was used to protect the paintwork
Tyres were dressed with Duragloss 253 for a semi-gloss finish which is more suited to darker vehicles.

Engine Bay cleaning; 1Z Einszett W99 with Vikan Engine Surround Brushes – finished with 1Z Einszett Vinyl & Rubber Care (non silicone based)

Arches; Cleaned with 1Z W99 along with Vikan Wheel & Arch Brush, finished also with 1Z Vinyl & Rubber Care.

Using the RUPES Pen LED Swirl Finder Light to inspect the paintwork was very helpful as you can see below.

Pre-Snow Foam & APC Wash

50/50 shots showing the result after initial 'cut' only - lighting will affect colour as can be seen below

Finishing Results;

Again great work carried out by our master detailer Lukasz!

Just a quick note, we do offer Detailing and Paint Protection services in Sydney, Brisi and Melbourne for those who would like to have their brand new car protected, or even a used car brought back to factory condition!

Any comments or questions are always welcome