The 110 is now registered so I can now start its life as a daily here. It drives really well, very smooth power delivery and extremely comfy. Compared to the Silvia, I'm really appreciating all the extra storage and extremely excited to make some changes performance wise.

The car itself was imported in 2016 as a Grade 4B, which is quite impressive. Imported to be the daily of the owner of a import workshop and then sold onto his friend (who I bought it off). It has seen some mileage since import but overall, in quite good nick all things considered. Things on the to-do list in the short-medium term:

  • Major service - Parts ordered from Toyota
  • Radiator upgrade
  • Exhaust - I'm thinking of a custom system
  • Intercooler - SMIC isn't great and I'm told these respond quite well to a cooler upgrade
  • Remove BOV - As you can see in the engine bay pic above, the white BOV piping isn't great and I'm not a fan at all. I'll just remove the BOV altogether
  • Exhaust side breather - Car had a J-Pipe delete and the breather off the rocker cover has seen better days especially due to the heat. I'll come up a solution
  • Security System - A must for my own peace of mind
  • Detail - I can do my own correction with D/A polisher and I think this will significantly improve the look of the car and assist in keeping in clean
  • Try and find front and rear lips
  • Coilovers + Wheels (planning to retain comfort but require the adjustability)

I did receive some new parts this week in the form of a 35th anniversary edition grill and OEM grey side skirts (not pictured). I've installed the grille and I think it ties up quite nicely. Side skirts to installed soon