Ferrari 599 GTB

At the heart of this Ferrari 599 is its beautiful V12 engine, derived directly from the Ferrari Enzo model. The result is a staggering 620BHP 6.0 Litre V12 that does 0-100 in 3.7 seconds and top speed of over 300km/h! ... oh and the sound you start her up... ❤❤

Whilst this is not the first 599 we have worked on we still stare at its beautiful curves and italian design-work. But at the same time, we cringe seeing marring and imperfections on such a beautiful car.

Thankfully, this customer is as, or if not MORE fastidious about the paintwork on is cars as all of us at Car Care Products.

➡ Our process began with our usual full decontamination process;- a full thorough Snow Foam & APC pre-soak to help remove and loosen dirt, debris and remove any residue product from the previous owner. Followed with Gyeon Iron to remove any carbon/iron fall out that may be on the vehicle (note; the car came with ceramic brakes, so no brake dust to be found). Our favourite gentle fine grey Dodo Juice Clay Bar came out to help remove any residue product and of course contaminants over the bodywork.

➡ The Ferrari 599 also had some PPF (Paint Protection Film) which was requested to be removed, we were more than happy to do so as we do find even well branded films cause a lot of discolouration and of course to no surprise we found plenty of holograms and marring below once removed; the applicator like many PPF applicators did not correct the paintwork before applying the PPF - does this not defeat the purpose? ... sure does.

➡ We inspected the paint with our RUPES LED SwirlFinder Pen Light and also used our Delfesko Paint Gauge to measure the paintwork. The LED light and our lighting bay shows plenty of imperfections such as holograms, oxidation (yes really), swirls and other light marring throughout the paintwork. Whilst the PTG (paint thickness gauge) allows us to have a clear indication if the paintwork is definitely factory, has been painted or repaired and let us know what we have to also work with.

➡ RUPES LHR15, LHR75 and the DAS6 Pro came out to play combined with Menzerna Polishers, and as you can see the results speak for themselves. No issues what so ever with the hard yet beautiful deep red Ferrari paint.

➡ Interior Carbon parts received a light polish with the polisher (yes!) which removed the oxidation and brought quite a lot more gloss to the carbon parts that we could access safely.

➡ The Italian Ferrari hand-stitched leather was gently cleaned with the Mint Leather Brush and Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Cleaner. Conditioned with Duragloss Leather Conditioner and protected once dried with Gyeon Leather Coat.

➡ Exterior glass received a glass polish to remove water spots and ensure a completely contaminant free clear finish. Nanolex Urban Glass Sealant was applied afterwards to add long term repellency to the glass (if the car ever goes in the rain is another story).

➡ With zero to no brake dust from the Carbon Ceramic Brakes, the 599 Wheels were still sealed with Gyeon Rim to add more gloss.. and of course protection.

➡ Finally the paint was finished with 2 coats of one of our favourite waxes, Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax. Topped with Supernatural Acrylic Spritz to added protection.

➡ All these products used are available for purchase of course in store or on our website

If you're interested in having your car Detailed, Paint Corrected or Paint Protection applied feel free to contact us direct any time for further details.


The condition of the paintwork below the clear bra (vinyl) was quite appaulling!

The waxing stage! Dodo Juice Supernatural!

BlackWOW’s PreWOW Cleaner was used to remove previous whitening from compound/polish or wax from the cars “previous detail”.

The finished result after PreWOW Cleaner was back to how it should look!