Contact Details: PM
Location: Lysterfield Victoria
Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pickup or meet in CBD - Buyer pays postage

For sale: JBL Home Theater Speakers
Price and price conditions: $250
Great functioning order. Few nicks and marks but overall great. Centre speaker has some small damage on the bottom right corner. One tab on the centre speaker grille has snapped off. Still holds on fine. Some repairs done centre speaker driver mounting points that hold the driver on.
Comes with lx2003 floorstanding speakers, lx2001 rear bookshelf speakers and a lx2000c centre speaker.
Back speakers have holes in the back where there was speaker brackets.
All speakers work perfectly. Would make a great first home theatre setup. Nice sound.

For sale: 110" Fixed Projection Screen
Condition: Missing one of the screen tensioner bolts and C nut (the thread goes from the top of the C to the bottom and the rod for the screen tensioner goes inbetween the C).
Has been previously mounted using screws into the front of the frame so there are a few holes. I don't have the original brackets. One of the screws that holds the L plastic pieces (that hold the 4 Long sections of the screen together) has broken off but each L bracket still has 4 screws and a few of the others were starting to strip.
Fabric Screen material in great nick.
Looking for a quick pick up and sale.
Its in pieces at the moment so pick up will be a breeze
Price $50