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    [WA] S13 build

    Okay so I have been lurking this forum for a couple of days and I have been inspired to make my own build diary.

    I bought this '92 model back in April this year (2016). It was the first time I had been on my own to buy a car and well long story short it was pretty rough around the edges to say the least.

    At the time the fact that I had wanted an S13 for so long, made me look through rose tinted glasses as some would say.

    *Over flow bottle was cracked and held together with tape

    *Various dents here and there

    *Paint was appalling

    *Found two little bits of rust under rear window seal after I drove it home

    *Mad Vibration @ 100kph or more

    *Na auto (all I could afford as a 1st year apprentice)

    * The wheels were also cracked found out later after taking them off. Thank god I didn't buy them and gave them back to the previous owner.

    A week later I found a pretty good deal locally 6 Kuro Stars (15x8 +-0) with brand new rubber, this was the first change I made to the car. looked absolutely ridiculous Hahaha. Next thing on the list was definitely some coilovers!

    A couple of weeks later found myself a deal on some GAB ss coilovers and installed them made a world of change!

    At the the time I didn't realise how much it f****d the alignment up and on my first drive the shake was even worse and now started at 70kph. so I needed to sort that out asap. It ended up being extremely worn tie rod ends so swapped them out immediately and got a wheel alignment and wheel balance the shake was now gone until about 110kph, I'm going to try hub centric rings to get rid of it as nothing else is worn to the point where it would cause a vibration/shake(that I can see anyway).

    Anywho a couple months go by and I saved enough for a manual conversion! A manual box came with the car, but I still needed to buy a master cylinder, clutch line, slave cylinder, clutch kit, shifter ect. While this was getting done I also cleaned up the interior

    The manual conversion completely transformed the car, it now felt pretty nippy hahaha but I was still missing the turbo torque hahaha. Next plan was to do a DET conversion!

    A few months later after saving for quite a bit I did the DET conversion including a fmic, 3 inch turbo back exhaust and a dose pipe hahaha.



    Still running the stock exedy clutch but it holds up fine(stock tune,injectors and turbo)

    Currently saving for paint (this is roughly my end goal for looks)
    I'm extremely keen on the spearmint two tone!

    As of now I'm trying to fix a speedo fault and the Shake at 110kph I will update when I fix these faults!

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