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If you have avoided the newspapers, the Internet and basically contact with any Aussie petrolhead for the last year, you might be shocked to know the Aussie built Holden Commodore will be gone in October.

Now we have the bad news out of the way, the good news is that GM and Holden will still be selling the Commodore. The bad news is, itís front wheel or all wheel drive, with a choice between a 2L inline four or a 3L V6.

And now Red Bull Holden Racing Team has unveiled the new Commodore in its racecar form. The hatchback styling, advanced aerodynamic package was at Norwell Motorplex on the Gold Coast, and completed a 60km shakedown without any dramas.

Triple Eight Engineering and GM Holden had worked on the new Commodore for over ten months. It was a highly guarded and secretive development project, that used computational fluid dynamic modeling to simulate aerodynamic requirements for the next-gen Commodore for racing.

Triple Eight Managing Director, Roland Dane has admitted the development has been quite challenging, due to the overall look of the car. He credits the teamís hard work in developing the new Commodore while still maintaining competitive results with the VF. ďThe teamís had to work incredibly hard this year in order to compete on track with the current VF Commodore, but also work flat out on the new car. By the time we get to the end of this year, the development process will have taken up about 20,000 hours.Ē

Triple Eight Engineering will have three full test days before finalizing the aero package and the car is homologated for Supercars. Its competitive debut will be at the Adelaide 500 next March, which coincides with the road carís 2018 release date.

Let us know below what do you think about the new Commodore supercar.

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