Its time to pawn my plastic crack collection to make room for more kits. All are unbuilt and still on the sprue and a few are hard to get for a decent price (compared to hlj and fleabay). Going to sell them in lots or as a whole collection to save multiple trips to the p.o:

Toyotas $160 + shipping.
Aoshima ae86 Trueno (red)
Fujimi te37
Aoshima vintage 1600gt
Hasegawa 1600gt

Datsuns $120 + shipping.
Hasegawa 1600 sss
Fujimi Gtr kpgc110
Aoshima C210 (shakotan style)

Rotarys $160 + shipping.
Fujimi rx3 savanna (rareish)
Fujimi rx3 savanna racing gs11 (rare)
Fujimi rx7 fb (with bodykit)

Full works fujimi $100 + shipping.
Gtr hako
Gtr kenmary

2 x fujimi rx3 savanna gt (massive flares and watanabes) $50 each plus shipping.

Eurotrash $120
Tamiya gt2
Fujimi 911 rsr
Fujimi e30 (aerodisks inc)

Shipping to anywhere in oz or pick up/hand delivered to port stephens/newcastle.